Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Group Therapy: Justice in the Hood

Adding an Upper West Side lawyer to the Supreme Court once qualified as good news. Those were the days when a black president would have been expected to contrast a white one.

Nowadays, calls for a third party ignore the need for a second. So elevating a local liberal to the bench means lowering the standards for what passes a blessing to that of a curse.

After "Reform" Democrats defeated New York's corrupt Tammany Hall government in the early sixties, reformers quickly restored Tammany for a cut of the loot. The city began rapidly spiraling in an authoritarian direction, absent the opposition or media to complain about it. Reformers chose Giuliani to lock in their gains, and no Democrat has been elected to City Hall since, i.e. 20 years.

Hence, (talk) Radio Nuremberg's claims of the Upper West Side bar's anarcho-syndicalist leanings, only mildly exaggerated the opposite of what had long before eroded to a narrow range of neoliberal/neoconservative thought -- and shared justice policy: that of 'get what you can, as fast as you can.'

The legacy lives on.

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