Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bernie the Red

As this Friday evening approaches, one politician is beginning the eighth hour of continuous speaking in the senate chamber in contempt of the looting of the US Treasury through Obama's deal with Wall Street to continue Bush's tax cuts to the US multi millionaire class.

Known as "Bernie the Red," when he was the Socialist Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, today, Bernie Sanders is known America's only independent Senator.

As I write this, he's been speaking for since morning, and he intends to continue with this "filibuster" or verbal blocking of Senate legislation, to block Obama's attempt to continue to amass a US debt,
at the cost of all government services: pensions, social security, health care, education, etc. in the continued privatization of US government.

This remarkable exhibition of old-fashioned politics --in the hours before the Weekend political talk shows, where he will almost inevitably be broadcast -- appears to be Bernie's desperate, last minute, historic attempt to bring to the attention of the American public that their government has abdicated, in favor of a regime led ønly by the profit motives of the Wall Street elite.

His populist politics, and his own, ordinary persona, recalls Senator George McGovern. McGovern did much of the same thing at a time when American people had the hope that government would represent their interests. Although McGovern never broke ties with the Democratic Party, his politics were not much different than socialist Bernie Sanders. At the end of the day, however, McGovern had no more chance of winning power than Sanders.

Only one week ago prominent Boston University professor revealed that the US national debt is not at the $13.5 trillion level reported by Washington, but over $200 trillion. Greece does not carry such a burden. (see next week's post).

This revelation, already obvious to most followers of US government, illustrates that
the US will steer billions to its benefactors regardless of the effect on the country.

By relying upon China to pay for government operations and defense, Washington can no longer afford to turn the lights on in the White House without the Chinese paying for government operations and defense. But it's chief promoter, Obama, is happily giving way another few trillion.

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