Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Group Therapy: The Reichstag is Burning

loughner died for our sins. c'mon, havent we been begging for this ever since we celebrated ending vietnam in 1975?

the same way as estados unidos, nazi germany was an informant culture, with neighbors ratting out neighbors to the geshtapo, and everyone living in fear of arbitrary punishment. both parties shelved intelligent discourse, through fear of ratting selves out. only approved instigation gets out.

what parties, you ask? communists/unionists ended with afl taking over the cio, socialists with nixon/mccarthy, liberals with reagan. what's left but corporate bipartisanism? after the shotout at the AZ Corral both parties, ie the rednecks [GOP] and shutins [dop*] will walk even more softly, speak ever more carefully.

be thankful that arizona keeps americans out of work, by littering the arizona desert with bodies, and keeping mexican complaints about below-minimum wages quiet to avoid another stroll through the trail of tears.

git me mah rifle boaugh, i'ze goin huntin.

*damned old party.

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