Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Group Therapy: Hughes-Murdoch

Wikileaks is preparing to release 500 US State Department memos about the Murdoch Media Empire. Important, such content, if it spurs journalism to action. More likely, modern journalism will wait to report the body count when Assange is extradited to Marion.

Read the text. Ignore the papers. Here's the context:

Murdoch came to be in the milieu of mafia/intelligence in Australia. He spawned a company big enough and sufficiently shameless to provide a straight forward/outright propaganda role for the chamber of commerce decades ago. His holding company bought Hughes Electronics a short time back, and now Washington can funnel cash to Murdoch's company to buy every entertainment property -- super bowl, seinfeld, imus in the morning, etc. -- regardless of price, by overpaying for so-called military purchases. (Hughes does overpriced satellites, like howard hughes did overpriced war planes).

The state department wires will reveal that Murdoch and his networks are treated as part of US government, which we've known all along, but the subjugated press keeps quiet. Releasing raw documents is a good means of addressing a mass media desperate for its weekly check.

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