Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exxon's Cry for Help? "El Baradei's working for the Brotherhood"-- John McCain

there's a red under the bed.
a liberal in the closet.
& terror on the telly.

israel is locking its monsters in,
as the doors and windows not yet
bricked over, slam shut. zion remains
on yellow alert for zombie attacks, (a la Night of
the Living Dead), most commonly by killer
(see image).

the tables are turning. surrounding
the former Palestine are the living,
and citizens of the Royal oil field Air Force
are clutching their jerky,
wondering if this long night of
an awakening human spirit will force
the Pentaknesset's threatened
execution of the Sampson Option:
Israel's sui-genocidal nuclear
use strategy of offing its own
along with its neighbors,
upon risk of being faced by
a rival. With semetics like
these who needs vampires?

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