Monday, March 14, 2011

Abnatural Disaster: Kiev, New York, Fukushima

The nuclear reactors that fuel New York City are built on the Ramapo Fault -- about one quarter the distance between Fukushima and Tokyo -- and the most likely place where the next Earth quake to hit the New York area will be centered. The ones in California are built on fault lines too, just like all the reactors in Japan.

Civilian nukes are a by-product of military nukes, a means of generating additional capital from the already highly profitable construction of weapons. For citizens to allow their governments to construct these shows how powerful the nuclear missile lobby is on both sides of the Pacific.

The Shoreham reactor, on the East End of Long Island, had to be shut down a few years ago because the danger it presented to the most highly concentrated population in the United States made it unprofitable for investors.

Nothing short of a powerful mass media, with no substantial alternative and a virtually unanimous voice, could convince people that the freedom to waste electric energy is of greater value to a given society, than survival of the homosapien in its present form.

Almost 30 years after the accident, Chernobyl is still burning -- says a former Nuclear Information and Research Service staffer. A meltdown is never partial, he points out, it is a fission reaction that continues into the Earth after its exhausted busting up molecules outside the Earth.

A million have perished from the Chernobyl business venture of the missile lobby, a small cost of doing business for suicide capital. Chernobyl has altered the atmosphere globally, not locally. Liability for this business is in all of our lungs, moreso in Europe.

Hence the winds that carry cesium, strontium, etc. "out to sea" is heading to California. When winds shift, it will float over Kanto, and perhaps over Korea and China's factories, returning the favor that Beijing gives Japan and Korea in the form of heavy metals, carbon monoxide, etc.

But the bell tolls for thee, dear readers. The contamination of one atmosphere is the contamination of all. When atmospheric nuclear weapons testing was finally banned, and nuclear testing went underground, the whole world's atmosphere was already so full of radioactive isotopes that cancers and mutations were high and on the rise.

A new species was spawned in this new, US dollar-sponsored, atmosphere, and it reigns today. Clearly, not as wise or hearty as its predecessor. Homo Sapien has since been eclipsed by a new strain, call it homo-americanus. And whether the global population wishes to go on, or wishes to consume will be played out in the upcoming days and weeks.

Some notes:

--Wall Street Journal: Don't Worry, No Chernobyl. Wind won't come to America. In other words, Keep Buying Things you don't need or else corporations won't have cash flow. (Editor's note: This is not to suggest they have reserves).

--Fox: Adam Shapiro, We're 60 miles from fukushima. We have five gallons of gas and dried squid.
Nikkie Down 6%

Toshiba/Hitachi (Reactor makers) down 15%

Toyota down 6%

Futures down 50%. (No pun intended)

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